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We have started the generation of carbon credits
The biggest carbon-free project!

Join us! 2019–2024 Join us!

My Trees / official logo of the My Trees global project My Trees / Karbík logo - symbol of our new business strategy focused on generating carbon credits My Trees / the official logo of the My Trees Foundation
We offset the carbon footprint for companies and individuals
MY TREES Global project and Eco-Business. Farm El Morichal, Vichada, Colombia. We plant these fast-growing trees - Eucalyptus, Acaccia, Cashew. Zdenek Pernica/PERNICA.BIZ is partner of the My Trees project. Join us!
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MY TREES produces carbon credits with KARBÍK!
Karbík - Our new 2023 mascot of My Trees project. Karbík speaks English... Need to erase your carbon footprint? Our Karbík is here for you... 20 of our trees = 1 carbon credit (CC). Do you know that the current price (5/17/2023) of one carbon credit on the American market (California) is $51.92? Come with us to erase your carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and earn interesting money at the same time.

MY TREES Global project

is the business and investment community
with 10,000 members
already operating in 79 countries.

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Purchase from $20 to $15,000 and up
Online eco-business for everyone - I want to start
We plant trees / We buy land / We establish farms
PERNICA.BIZ – partner of MY TREES Global project

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Choose an investment My Trees package / Buy trees & land in Colombia. My Trees1 / $20 / 1 tree. My Trees 100/ $100 / 6 trees. My Trees 500/ $500 / 31 trees. My Trees 1500/ $1500 / 93 trees. My Trees 3000/ $3000 / 187 trees. My Trees 9000/ $9000 / 562 trees

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My Trees Global project – Plant a Tree and Pass It on / Registration and Login
Just now!
My Trees - El Morichal Farm, Vichada, Colombia. The logo of our farm in Latin America.
MY TREES 2019-2023 at El Morichal farm
El Morichal 2023
Competition for My Trees starter package worth
$20. More info by e-mail

MY TREES community

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What trees do we grow? Eucalyptus and cashews
My Trees Global: At El Morichal Farm in Vichada, Colombia, we grow fast-growing trees - eucalyptus and cashews
PERNICA.BIZ is a co-owner of the land in DEGIRANS SE
that buys land in the Vichada department in Colombia.
We establish Farms BUY TREES in Latin America
My Trees Global project / Zdenek Pernica / PERNICA.BIZ / Buy trees and land and for good price in Colombia.
Invest in fast-growing trees

and benefit BUY LAND in Colombia!
You can write about detailed info by e-mail to
Do you also want to become owners of farms?
Fly with us to Colombia to see the properties of My Trees!
My Trees own land on the farm in El Morichal / Vichada in Colombia
Be partner of the My Trees Global project - Plant your first tree and become money with us! Create your My Trees account here
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